Case Study

Moulton College Kicks VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure into High Gear with NexGen Storage

Read about the Moulton College IT staff's search for a storage system with the ability to provide a different performance…

Solution Validation

SQL Server Pro: Deploying Affordable, High Performance Hybrid Flash Storage for Clustered SQL Server

In SQL Server environments, flash storage eliminates many traditional storage controller and protocol bottlenecks. It is well…

Solution Brief

VMware Horizon Fast Track 2.0 Proven Storage

Storage is a critical deployment consideration for VMware Horizon since it impacts the user experience, overall cost per user,…

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IDG Market Pulse: Tapping the True Value of Data

Not all data has equal value, yet storage and data management solutions treat diverse data uniformly. Learn about a new approach…

Case Study

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Engineering Firm Optimizes Virtual Server and VDI Environment with NexGen Hybrid Flash Array